Financial technology is progressing at a rapid pace. Banks are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with the innovative services offered by the rapid explosion of start-ups in the fintech industry. They are consequently forced to develop similar services and come up with products that will give them a competitive edge. Failure to do so would see small banks losing their customers to the larger banks that provide a wide range of value added services. Unfortunately, not all banks can afford the development teams needed to create competing products. The struggle for banks to stay competitive is very real. We offer smaller banks the ability to compete with larger banks on an equal footing. We can design custom, innovative solutions for a bank, or integrate into existing back-ends. This allows the bank’s legacy investment into IT infrastructure and software to be utilised while adopting the disruptive technologies that will make even the smallest banks competitive.

System solution design

We look at the existing set of products and services offered and analyse the capabilities of existing infrastructure and equipment. An action plan is then proposed whereby the bank can increase their market share by using innovative products and services. Retaining existing systems and introducing disruptive products and services in a non-disruptive manner, results in significant cost savings.


Integration services

Our solutions integrate into existing legacy systems and 3rd party providers:

  • ISO8583
  • Postilion eSocket.Web
  • e-Commerce payment gateways
  • Back-end systems of banks (such as an existing CRM system)
  • Integration to bank databases (such as MySQL, SQLServer and AS400)

Mobile banking solutions

This includes mobile wallets, money transfer, international remittances, trading and value-added services such as airtime and electricity. Our mobile banking application is fast, secure and transaction fees are the lowest in the industry. A management dashboard provides key business intelligence insights. We also offer supplementary services that integrate with the banking system, such as a call centre, card services (balance enquiry, mini-statement, pin reset, pin change, hot card and funds reservation) and inventory management (card ordering, replacement and stock control).

Shown below are mobile banking products developed for XiploTeq (Pty) Ltd.


mobile_banking_portal_1 mobile_banking_portal_2
mobile_applications_1 mobile_applications_2

One of the biggest advantages of mobile phones is that customers are now able to get access to information and services, even in remote areas. When it comes to banking, customers no longer need to visit a branch. We can offer a solution whereby a card can be delivered to a customer, the customer phones an IVR system, or uses a mobile phone application (can also be USSD), answers a few security questions and then chooses a pin for the card. Our transaction server communicates to Postilion, activates the card and sets its pin. This enables an issuer to take banking to the customer and opens the possibility of immediately expanding the footprint and reach of an organisation. Combining this with the use of a tablet or smartphone, an agent can have a full suite of back-office applications and products available, anywhere in the world.