Mobile application development is focused on the creation of beautiful applications on IOS and Android. We believe that mobile applications must have excellent performance and speed. As such we optimise the code and reduce performance bottlenecks. Robustness of our applications is ensured through comprehensive testing procedures under significantly varying environmental conditions (bandwidth, device types, screen resolutions, signal strength and network coverage). During testing, we attempt to predict the unexpected inputs and actions that may be supplied by a user and then compensate for those during the design phase.

We provide the following services:

  • Design of the application (including wire-frames)
  • Implementation/coding, including full-stack back-end services
  • Testing, including acceptance test procedures, closed user group, pilot
  • Roll-out to the app stores (Google Play, Apple AppStore)
  • Maintenance and bug fixes
  • Documentation (including user manuals, product videos)
  • Support for users